Spencer runs for first

Spencer runs for first

Still fast on her feet, runner is ready to redeem herself

by Brittany Hamor

Second. Second. Second. Senior Katie Spencer had enough of getting 2nd place.

“Junior year I finished 2nd in cross country, and sophomore and junior year I finished 2nd in track,” Spencer said. “Once that happened, my dad started calling me the silver streak, and it’s kind of a joke now that I’m always 2nd. Now I’m feeling fast and ready to redeem myself.”

Spencer trained for hours a day. It was her final year to do what she loved, and nothing was going to get in the way of her earning that gold medal.

Through all the ups and downs of cross country the past four years, Spencer’s eyes teared up a bit as she realized something when she stood on the line for the final time at Metros.

“Cross Country has been kind of a rough journey. There have been unhappy and happy times. At Metros, standing on the line, I cried a little. Even though there have been hard times, I love cross country,” Spencer said, “especially the seniors. We’ve been doing this together for four years and they are my brothers and sisters and best friends. The thought of not being with them made me cry. It made me realize cross country was never about the running. It was about everything but running. I realized I have the best team in the whole world because it takes a lot to make K- spence cry.”

With all the craziness of cross country, Spencer noticed the seniors had never taken a picture together.

“We’ve never taken a picture together because we’ve been too busy having fun and living in the moment, but today it was different.” Spencer said. “It was our last metros. We had all the time in the world to just stop and talk about all our memories from freshman to junior year, and to finally get our picture that I will cherish forever.”

And her finish? Second at Districts and State. The team, though, placed first in Districts, and first in Spencer’s heart.

Senior Katie Spencer warms up on a Friday at Walnut Grove during the second invitational, which included 11 different schools. “I’ve been running for 6 years now,” Spencer said, “but this year has by far been the best for me.” Photo by Jordan Bowlin

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Sophomore Jessica Schufeldt and freshman Taryn Smith stick together in the beginning of the 5K run at Walnut Grove Park. “This is my first year doing Cross Country and I love the feeling of running,” Schufeldt said. “Everything clears in my mind and you just try to catch the person in front of you.” Photo by Jordan Bowlin

Sophomore Emma Martin sprints to the finish line. Martin ran with 11 different schools. “For me, I definitely have a hard time getting out of my head,” Martin said, “so I have to stay positive and push through the pain.” Photo by Jordan Bowlin


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