The Sheldon Museum of Arts hosts ‘First Friday’ celebration

The Sheldon Museum of Arts is adding to the Big Red Welcome program with its First Friday celebration on Sept. 2. The event offers students a chance to celebrate the beginning of the school year with live music and interactive exhibitions.

“First Friday is what I look forward to every month,” said Emma Vinchur, one of the Sheldon’s fall semester education interns. “It’s a great way to support local businesses and artists. I came to Lincoln in fall of 2014 and have made a point to go to as many events as I can, the Sheldon’s included.”

The First Friday welcome back party will take place 5 7 p.m. and is hosted by Sheldon Museum of Art student guides. A major goal is to have students actively engage and become “part of the art.”

The event will feature live music by EDM-DJ Spencelove and free food by El Chaparro.

Vinchur said the event will offer interactive events that will help build students’ excitement and awareness for the Sheldon Museum.

“The overall goal of the event is to, of course, bring attention to and show off the Sheldon Museum and the great art that we have to offer. The new exhibit, ‘Uncommon Likeness,’ is particularly exciting” Vinchur said. “‘Uncommon Likeness’ is about exploring one’s sense of self, so that will be a big topic of discussion for the night.”

Fall semester exhibits include “Uncommon Likeness: Identity in Flux,” “Ron Jude: Lago” and “Saya Woolfalk’s ChimaTEK: Kaleidoscopic Camouflage.” These three exhibits will only be at the Sheldon Museum until Dec. 31.

“Re-seeing the Permanent Pollection” will also be available until Dec. 4, 2016.

Dianne Pinkerton, lead security guard at the Sheldon and a fan of its exhibits, said her favorite exhibit is the “Ron Jude: Lago” exhibit because she loves taking photographs.

“I think everyone would enjoy this exhibit because it definitely has a variety of different artwork within,” she said.

Pinkerton said the museum has exhibits that satisfy all types of artistic tastes.

“Some people prefer more traditional art and some like to look at unique or dark work,” she said. “If they do not like the “Ron Jude: Lago” exhibit, we have a few other exhibits that they will like. It just depends on the style of art they like.”

According to the Sheldon Museum of Arts’ website, “Uncommon Likeness: Identity in Flux” is done by contemporary artists that depict the body as a point of examining mortality, transience and identity. “Ron Jude: Lago” is the first museum exhibition to have a series of photographs in color. Saya Woolfalk’s “ChimaTEK: Kaleidoscopic Camouflage” was done by multimedia artist named Saya Woolfalk.

Vinchur said that while “Uncommon Likeness” will probably draw the biggest reactions from people, her favorite exhibit is the Kehinde Wiley’s.

“It holds a special place as an exhibition of great technical skill and great social commentary,” Vinchur said.



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